about ocean girl...

Why Ocean Girl?

Ocean Girl has been an ideal or perhaps, a benchmark that my husband and I have lived for many years now. It is about living a simple, full life... one in which we enjoy sharing good food and laughter with friends and family and one that brings us closer to nature, especially the ocean. We have named our two boats, Ocean Girl, and we refer to our house as Ocean Girl Estate and sometimes, Ocean Girl Campground. We have even bottled our own wine with the Ocean Girl label.

Ocean Girl is also who I am. I was born on the East Coast of Canada in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and then moved to the West Coast as a young girl. The roots of my Newfoundland heritage run deep and my Canadian pride in both of our beautiful coasts is deeply entrenched. The ocean is my spirit place... my heart's home. It is where I go to heal and to replenish my spirit.

My story...

Hi, my name is Kelly and I'm just a girl trying to make sense of this crazy, beautiful world that we live in. And my way of doing this is by living a creative life... it is what gives me meaning; an answer to my whys. Creativity adds colour to an, otherwise, grey world.

Throughout the years, I have wandered on and off of the creative career path, only to find myself drawn in again... and again. I have worked in a fabric store, taught quilting classes, been a window coverings designer, an interior designer and a kitchen designer. I felt truly alive during these times but I strayed from the path to find a career in a more "serious" profession. I realize now that the reasons for doing so had more to do with pleasing others and doing what I thought that I "should" do by playing it "safe", rather than listening to the whispers of my own heart. The problem with this is that it slowly erodes your spirit until you finally wake up one day and the whispers have turned into shouts and you can no longer ignore them.

I have been a legal assistant for about twenty years - with one quick detour into kitchen design (fun!) - and it has served me well. I am truly grateful for the opportunities that it has provided me and the people that I have met along the way...but I feel the creative life calling me again... like a siren. 

So... I have no idea what this looks like yet but I am trusting that it will be revealed to me when the timing is right.  Right now, I am just doing my part by putting one creative foot in front of the other. I am opening to learning new things and meeting kindred, creative spirits.

While pursuing my "serious" career, I have always explored creative avenues in my spare time. Cooking, entertaining, sewing, card making and writing all helped to provide the creative release that I have always longed for.

Creative discoveries...

In 2009, when dealing with a painful, personal situation that had been ongoing for many years, I turned to writing to find some peace. I started a blog and became part of several online communities. This opened up a whole new world for me and one of the rabbit holes I inevitably found myself down led me to Brene Brown. I loved her blog, Ordinary Courage, and was very intrigued with her research on perfectionism, shame and belonging. In 2013, when she offered an online art journaling course based on her book, The Gifts of Imperfection, I jumped at the opportunity. This was a pivotal point in my creative life.  I absolutely loved it!

I was so taken with art journaling for two reasons: One, I found it to be very healing. Expressing myself visually, allowed me to express my pain when the words ran dry. And two, I discovered the world of visual art - drawing, painting and collaging... oh my! The colour seeped back into my world and I quickly became immersed in it. Even though, I have always considered myself to be a creative, I had never considered myself to be an artist in the drawing and painting sense of the word.

I am an artist...

But I AM an artist... an artist of life. In hindsight, I believe it is only natural that I finally turned down this path. I just can't believe that it took me this long to get here. So, where is here?  I don't really know because I am still feeling my way. I believe I will always be learning something new because that is who I am and right now, at this moment, I am learning to be an artist. It is hard for me to be a beginner. I am impatient and I want to know everything right now... but I don't and I am, slowly, learning to be okay with that.

This website is about all aspects of my creative journey and I am inviting you to join me as I fumble my way through this. I am hoping to inspire you to live a creative life of your own - whatever that looks like for you - because I believe that it is essential to living a wholehearted life. I promise you it will be colourful!

Unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes. It turns into grief, rage, judgement, sorrow and shame.” Brene Brown

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