We are all creative...

I believe in COMPASSION, CONNECTION and CREATIVITY…in COLOUR and WHIMSY and WASHI TAPE. I believe in SERENDIPITY and INTUITION. I believe that ART HEALS HEARTS and LOVE TRUMPS ALL and that LOVE is LOVE is LOVE. I believe that CREATIVITY is a muscle … and that we all have at least one of these MUSCLES just waiting to be FLEXED. I believe in RED BOOTS and RED LIPS… and SALTY WATER and SALTY BREEZES and SALTY KISSES. I believe in the HEALING POWER of the OCEAN and in the POWER of STRONG, BRAVE, CREATIVE, WOMEN. I believe in AUTHENTICITY and SELF-EXPRESSION and SINGING… definitely SINGING. I believe that CREATIVITY is a GIFT from GOD and I believe that using this gift is an OBLIGATION… and a PRAYER.

I dream of a world where CREATIVITY is not only ENCOURAGED… but NURTURED and where everyone has a SAFE place to express themselves WITHOUT FEAR… a world with FLASH MOBS and TWINKLE LIGHTS and KUMBAYA.

So, follow your CREATIVE urges wherever they may lead you and don’t listen to your inner critic... she is really messed up! Be afraid but DO IT ANYWAY. Get MESSY and make it SACRED.  Keep showing up and eventually it will FEEL.JUST.RIGHT.

Let’s CONNECT to our CREATIVE tribe, to our CREATIVE SPIRIT and to our INNER-MAKER. Let's have CONVERSATIONS about what INSPIRES us to be CREATIVE, what happens when we ignore our CREATIVE YEARNINGS and what we can do to NURTURE our CREATIVE selves.


And let’s CELEBRATE the CREATIVE, BRAVE, WOMAN that you are. YOU, yes you… are an ARTIST of LIFE.

So, come on. Let’s get STARTED.  What are you waiting for? Let’s flex our CREATIVE muscles.

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